How do I sign in?

Travel sponsors do not have online profiles. Therefore it is not necessary for you to sign in. Travel Girls do not need to view other Travel Girl's profiles. We do provide you with a link so that you can view your profile exactly as it appears online.

What kind of pictures should I submit?

We need high quality professionally taken pictures in order to accept your application to join us. We do, very occasionally, make exceptions.

How do I become verified?

To become verified take a selfie while holding up a piece of paper that says ‘Elite Travel Girls’. Travel sponsors may request to see your verification photo so we suggest putting on some lipstick ;) Email your verification selfie to us and we’ll start matching you.

How often will I receive an invitation?

Your popularity depends entirely on your profile and pictures. Pictures showing a warm and friendly smile always work well to attract travel invites.

How do I cancel an invitation I have already accepted?

We suggest that you make 100% sure you will be available before accepting an invitation. Following through with agreed upon travel plans should be your top priority. However we understand that circumstances change. You are welcome to make alternative date suggestions if you wish to accept an invitation but are unable to due to scheduling issues. Often your travel sponsor can re-arrange dates and the itinerary to suit your schedule. If re-arranging travel dates is not possible then your travel sponsor will be introduced to a new Travel Girl (with no extra introduction fee). Ladies who accept and then cancel two consecutive date invitations will be permanently removed from the database.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply send us a quick email and we will cancel your membership with immediate effect and remove your profile and details from our website and database.

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