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Travel Dating

As a luxury travel dating agency we facilitate introductions for exceptional people who wish to combine elite dating with world travel. Our adventurous and beautiful travel girls receive travel invitations for weekend city breaks in top world cities such as Monaco, St Tropez, Dubai, Singapore, London, New York and Paris. Our Travel Girls are the proud plus ones at numerous high profile fashion, racing and media events. If you would like a glamorous travel partner to link arms with for the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix or even Miami's Art Basel; look no further.

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Successful business men like yourself regularly travel for business and with success comes the opportunity to date beautiful women. Do you have offices around the world and find yourself in a different city each week or month? Do you regularly visit cities such as London, New York, Milan, Paris, Zurich, New York or even Sydney and Singapore? If so, I imagine that occasionally a thought will cross your mind about how sharing the business trip with a fun and adventurous travel companion would be a much more enjoyable way of going about your business.

Models and millionaires and travel dating

Models and millionaires have been Travel Dating before it was even a 'thing'. Are you aware that your business travel lifestyle mirrors that of an international fashion model (minus the catwalk part). Perhaps with such similar schedules, you are the perfect match for each other and so dating a hot model does not have to be an unrealistic fantasy. Imagine that beautiful fashion model is a little lonely, wishing she could meet a successful man that could show her a great time in the incredible city she has just landed in. How romantic it would be to have a dinner date in the latest newly opened restaurant with a beautiful single model who is fun-loving and open to romantic travel dating adventures. With the right chemistry, who knows where a dinner date in an exciting new city could lead. At Elite Travel Girls a whole world of unforgettable travel dating opportunities await

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Romance is dead, or is it?

Dating is hard these days, but only for the men who have forgotten how important it is to sweep a lady off her feet, particularly on the first date. Why not break the ice by making your first date a luxury safari, a ski trip in Switzerland or enjoy a Caribbean cruise together. Fly her some place extraordinary or dazzle her with a dinner for two at the top of the Eiffel Tower or on a secluded beach under the stars. Travel dating creates once in a lifetime experiences that will be remembered forever and this is another reason why alpha males that know what they want date travel girls. These memorable travel dates can easily lead to an ongoing mutually beneficial arrangement, or a more meaningful long term relationship, even marriage, if that is your goal.

Luxury Travel Dates

We are proud to have model and millionaire members who want to try travel dating based in all the top cities around the world. We facilitate luxury travel dates for successful business travelers who want to date models and beautiful single women worldwide. If you are based in, or travelling on business or for leisure, to Europe, the USA, Canada, South or Central America, Asia, South Africa or even Australia or New Zealand we will find the perfect sexy and adventurous Sugar Baby or rich and generous travel sponsor and Sugar Daddy for endless and unlimited sugar dating opportunities.

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Elite Travel Girls is the ultimate travel dating agency for adventurous models who want to see the world and successful men who need a beautiful travel partner.



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