Travel Dating Etiquette Guide

A Sugar Baby allowance provides your Travel Girl with spending money and compensation for loss of earnings while in your company. If an allowance is required by your female travelling companion then you, the travel sponsor, must request that she provide you with her banking information within the first few days of making contact. Be aware that delaying this may lead to your travel companion considering your invitation to be unconfirmed and she could (in a worst case scenario) make other arrangements for those dates.

We suggest providing 50% of the requested sugar baby allowance in advance, with the remainder being transferred upon meeting. We hold a copy of your travel companion's photo ID along with a verified photo. This provides both yourself and our matchmakers with peace of mind that your travel companion's intentions are sound. We can not guarantee this, but we are as sure as we possibly can be that each travel girl accepted into our agency is good-natured. Feel free to inquire about previous travel dates that your travel girl of choice has been on via our introduction service. If there were any previous issues with this lady's trustworthiness and reliability, rest assured, she would not be introduced to you.

Please do not attempt to negotiate your travel companion's travel allowance requirements if they are clearly stated on her profile. All travel and trip expenses are the responsibility of you, the Travel Sponsor, including all transportation, accommodation, excursions, entertainment, food & beverages.

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Any communications related to the exchange of sex for money will be violating our Terms of Service agreement, which you agree to abide by upon becoming a member of this website. All members are required to keep their communication in the nature of seeking romantic relationships, often involving travel, where one member may wish to help the other one financially within the context of a relationship because they care for and appreciate the other person. Like any romantic relationship including marriage, sex may be a part of a relationship as well. However, we do not allow the solicitation of, seeking of, or any communications that are simply about sex in exchange for money.

Any such violations will result in the immediate and permanent termination of your membership.