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“What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.” - Jewish Proverb

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I have been privileged to meet a great many wonderful people from all around the world. I am extremely thankful for their generosity and kindness.Some of my cherished knights have taken the time to share their experiences with you. I hope this gives you a more intimate and honest peek into a genuinegirl friend experience with me.


Misa always wears very sexy dress and lingerie which drive me crazy. She is a super luxurious escort.

Our session started with a nice conversation in my hotel room. Her English is perfect.

I could not resist for a long time to undress her and discover the amazing lingerie she chose for me.

I must say I have a crush for misa s body... I can lick her pussy for ever and even come while eating it...

she then gave me an amazing blow job with sensuality and technic... jeez.

After a long time playing with each other, We had very amazing  sex: misa was very wet, asking for more, very sexy dirty talk and I could not hold my load for a long time...

after a nice time talking on the bed, she starting playing with my cock and gave me a blowjob. Round 2 was great and misa made me come like never!

She is the best girl I have ever met... misa please do not change !



A date with a Japanese Butterfly,

Few weeks before my visit to Tokyo, I entered in contact with a mysterious butterfly.

We rapidly agreed on a date, intimate time and dinner were at the agenda.

With time passing, my expectations from our rendez-vous were increasing and trust me Misa beat them all. 

When she entered into my room, her beauty and physical presence were just flabbergasting and everything which I saw on her website was below what I experienced at that time. 

Misa is warm, accomplished and affectionate. She is easy to converse with and her sweet flirty attitude made me comfortable almost immediately.

She was highly appreciative of the Jo Malone fragrance, I brought for her and she immediately used it for going out to dinner. 

We had a wonderful face to face dinner, talking about travel plans, city visits, art gallery. Whatever the topics, Misa has a view which she gently shares. 

Our time together was so nice that no words will describe it and it will remain our lovely secret. 

The only thing I can still share with you is that we are starting to plan our next date, I already feel addicted. 



Misa is definitely special. I have seen her several times, for overnights, and I consider her to be my ‘Japanese girlfriend’. I’d prefer to be one of a few who know about her. But, since I can see her only a couple times per year, it is onlyfair that I let others know what a treasure she is. Misa is not at all like the typical girls available in Tokyo. Her English is impeccable, her voice is low and sensuous, and she has the sexiest Japanese accent I’ve ever heard. She writes better than many Americans. Before we met for the first time, we exchanged many emails back and forth .This made me think she was quite Americanized. I remember when we finally met being quite surprised how traditionally Japanese she is. Her physical beauty is astonishing,  she is elegantyet sincere. not like most of the girls plying there trade here . She is a bit of a conundrum - although she looks and acts like a conservative perfect Japanese lady with her clothes on, she has some ink and some piercings which, upon discovery (you have to find them), are so, so sexy, and quite a surprise. I would say for an American businessmen in their 50s, like me, she is perfect. Misa will not come to your door an hour after you contact her (no booty calls);instead, arranging time with her requires some planning. The effort spent is well rewarded. She responds promptly and professionally to email, and she and I have a great deal of playful bantering via email which just heightens my anticipation. When I arrange time with her, she arrives immaculately dressed, beautiful in every respect, and she is completely focused on me. It is easy and natural for me to be completely focused on her as well, and let me just say we have a lovely time together. Dinners, concerts, sightseeing, and in the bedroom of course, every minute with Misa is wonderful. She truly is my girlfriend, at least until she leaves, and when the door closes, I always immediately start thinking about the next time. What a fabulous young woman. I am glad she is around, because she is a luxury not to be missed. My friends who are in their 70s and 80s say at advanced age all you can do is look, you’d better get it while you can. When in Tokyo, I make sure I spend some time with her, for Misa is so worth it. Enjoy this lovely woman, you willnot be disappointed.



The intimate encounters and reviews of the stunning courtesan Misa Sato

Review ~ Geisha for the Night

I am a person who plans well in advance and this date was made three months in ahead . The anticipation of having the date was excruciating and further perpetuated by Misa's fun and flirtatious emails. Misa is an elegant, beautiful, sexy, sensuous, intelligent and caring woman. This was a four hour dinner dateand I met Misa in the lobby of my hotel. When I first saw her, I literally said WOW to myself. Everyone in the lobby stops and takes notice due to the elegant way she carries herself and her drop dead gorgeous looks.After our introductions, I was made to feel very SPECIAL as she hooked her arm through mine and instantaneously became her sole focus and the center ofher universe. Dinner was at a Japanese Restaurant, in the middle of a park with the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom and even this beautiful setting took a backseat to Misa's amazing beauty and glow. There was never any lack of conversations which ranged from world politics and economies to her success as a businesswoman at the company she works for. If you are looking for the quintessential combination of beauty, brains and sensuality, Misa is the women you are looking for.The cab ride back to the hotel was a wonderful precursor for the rest of the evening with light kissing and caressing and neither one of us could wait for the ride to end so we could satisfy the growing sexual tension and desire. Backin the room, there was the sensual combination of drinking champagne, feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries, deep french kissing, Misa pushing me down onto my back on the sofa and caressing each other everywhere! As a side note, I have seen in other reviews of Misa stating she does not participate in DFK or any kissing at all. Misa cares greatly about hygiene (personally, I find that as a major plus from a provider) and can only surmise the people who have stated she does not kiss likely had poor oral hygiene. Simply stated, Misa's Deep French Kissing was scintillating and erection arousing.With all the sensual kissing and caressing taking place, there was no way either of us was going to finish the strawberries and champagne and it was time to move to the bedroom. After each of us slowly undressing each other while continuing to DFK and caressing each other everywhere, I actually paused (ever so briefly due to my advanced state of urgency) to admire Misa's breathtakingly beautiful naked form as she is one really well put together and in great shape woman. Misa has a few works of body art which are so well done, it seems an injustice to call them tattoos. One is a beautiful butterfly around her genital-lower abdominal area.Onto the bed for more intimate caressing everywhere and DFK as it was now time to intimately introduce myself to the butterfly. I started to kiss and suck her ears, neck, breasts, and stomach... Well you get the idea of what was taking place as Misa was thoroughly enjoying herself as evidenced by her heavy breathing, moaning and squirming with desire. Enough teasing on my part and when licking and sucking her clitoris, was rewarded with a grab my head, back arching, raise her hips and turning onto to her side in a fetal position multiple orgasm.Being the caring person Misa is, she thanked me by saying it was my turn withthis wanton look of lust in her eyes. Not needing any additional stimulation, on went the cover and I was duly rewarded by what might be the 8th Wonder of the New World; Misa impaling herself onto my cock with rigor. I can't imagine any better site than her gorgeous ass moving up and down and it was not very long before I had a mind numbing, I don't know if I will ever be able to uncross my eyes orgasm. Ending the night kissing and cuddling and talking about the next date when I go to Japan was a perfect way to end the evening. I really hated to see her go as I walked her down to get her a cab.



Amazing to see you this week. You as beautiful and fun to be around as always. Please send me a pic from your photo shoot!



Dear Misa.I’m so lucky to have met you. You are an outstanding young bright and beautiful! I hope for a next time.Thank you for everything!



Dear Misa, I have returned to the States with incredible memories of our time together. I can still taste you and see your beautiful face, magnificent body and enjoy your inspirational personality. You are totally unique and I hope that the next time is not too far off . It is more likely that I can see you if you travel to the States then when I visit Shanghai. The Shanghai trip is too tightly scheduled to allow for a side trip. I'll hope for a next time in the States. Hope you enjoy a wonderful week ahead. Thank you for allowing me to make incredible memories of Tokyo.



I Met The Beautiful Tokyo Butterfly Misa

Appointment Length:4 hr

Type/Location: 5 Star Hotel (Roppongi)

Details of the Encounter: To really set the context for this review, I need to establish a few items. First, my tastes and interests have changed over time (e.g. an almost exclusive interest in Asian females and longer more extensive meetings). Second, despite the general heading used for most outcall style p4p now, escort, I mentally subdivide the industry more. I get why a term like prostitute isn't commonly used, and it in and of itself is not particularly descriptive; however, I really don't think any one word captures the different styles of service either. So, I use the concept of call girl and escort. I think of a service such as AM more as of a call girl setup. I contact you with the big point of the encounter being physical. In that case English may not be necessary and an entirely different set of skills and talents make for a successful encounter. On the other hand, I look at an escort as someone where the focus is weighted more heavilyto companionship, conversation and a public appearance. Play skills can enhance the latter, but there are other skills that decide if someone is going to provide an enjoyable escort service. I do not personally have a hierarchy with this (i.e. saying that an call girl is inferior to an escort). That is entirely based on what experience you are looking to have. Currently, at this stage of life, I am a bit more interested in the latter than the former.I think my introduction to Misa was here on ***. Commentary here is pretty mixed and dated. But I was curious about someone who had a 'brand'. I am also a bit of a contrarian at heart, so I went to her website and took a look around. She certainly puts herself out there with photos. She also is pretty clear about her offerings. The offerings are what sold me to give it a go. I am in Asia quite a bit, and in Japan regularly enough. I travel solo. So, when hitting up a place, it can be more enjoyable to have some company, and it can be beneficial for that to be local company who can smooth out certain things. I have a number of things I would like to do in Japan, and so I took the plunge to see if I could have a relationship of sorts that made it easier for me.I did not fill out the form on her website (she has a series of questions that she asks you on the booking page). I did copy the questions into an email and answer them. If you look in the archives here, this question thing bothered a few. I decided to have fun with it and answer in my own way. Flirtation and games add in my view. She replied to my email quickly and favorably. All communication was in English. I described what I wanted, 4 hours, which to me was sufficient time to see if we, though most importantly I, could enjoy the company without it being a huge loss if that turned out not to be the case. She proposed a few potential locations for dinner. I selected, and she said she would take care of the rest.Dinner reservations were at 6pm, so the appointment time was started at 530pm. I went down to the lounge about 5 minutes before that, and she was already there. She looks exactly like her photos. Given that she does not hide her face, you will already know if you find her attractive before you meet. She was dressed up elegantly and was perfectly matched for our environment. She walked up to me based on the description I had given her and introduced herself. We went up to the room for a few minutes and chatted. She was easy to converse with. For all you game practitioners, she used some time to build attraction and establish comfort. I found it among the least awkward initial p4p meeting I have ever had. We left the hotel and got a taxi. She handled all the directions. We got to the restaurant. she had handled all the details. She maintained a close proximity toestablish an intimacy, but she was not hanging off of me which I preferred. Dinner was pleasant. It did run long. Long enough that logistically there was not really any honest way you could have fit in the 'dessert' portion of the meeting menu. We wound up back at my room with probably 10 minutes left on the invisible, but all too real, clock that runs in the background for these things. At that point she approached me and made it pretty apparent she was not going to run out the door. I would say score one for the spirit of the event as opposed to that pesky clock. I was enjoying myself, and I hate to be rushed (even if is me who is creating the sense of urgency). I broached the topic of extending the evening a bit. We came to terms easily enough.I am not much of a porno writer, but I will comment on the stuff that I do care to know from reviews. She advertises safe play on her site, and she means it. I actually prefer that, not because it feels better because we all know it doesn't, but because then I don't spend the next 3 weeks mentally crossing off STDs once the latency period has passed. Yeah, great mindset I have for this type of thing, but there you go. If you are huge into uncovered action, you won't get it.She is slender in a sensual way. She has some piercings. She does have some tattoos. She is not sporting the Japanese troll doll effect which is pretty important to me. I enjoyed it, which is not a guarantee for me.Afterwards, she gave me a massage, which is pretty equivalent to what I have received from Japanese providers in Japan. This is not the massage style of Thailand or the Philippines (you cannot beat a massage in the Philippines if you are looking for the kung Fu grip on a butt cheek). The intent is relaxation as opposed to therapeutic. We continued to chat, and then I received a businesscall. When I got the call I knew it would be awhile, so I went ahead and let hergo. Next up on the menu was going to be a shared bath, not shower, but I had to skip it. Final Thoughts: Recommended, Will Repeat.


Closing Comments: Once again this would be more appropriately rated, Recommended, Did Repeat. It lived up to the expectations I had for the evening. It was in the spirit of the type of experience I wanted to have. It left me optimistic that when I was interested in an escort type experience that she would be a great choice for me.



Morning Misa, hope the rest of your day went smoothly. I just want to expressmy thanks for such a joyful visit yesterday. I met a kindred, happy spirit and shared such a sweet time with you. Thank you for your openness, for sharing your perspectives on life, and for trusting me enough to enjoy yourself so fully! Until we meet again...much love M.


Morning, thinking of you

Hi Misa, good morning, just want to say hi and see how the rest of your visit here went. I hope it was fun and profitable for you...such that you return someday soon.  I enjoyed wonderful moments with you that have lingered sweetly. xoxox M.



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