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It’s my first time booking an escort/courtesan could you please advise me on correct etiquette as well as how to make a booking?

My first bit of advice is make sure that you really want to have a date with a beautiful, sexy intelligent woman and you are not just fantasizing. Secondly I encourage you to read through my site and get to know me a little. Please make sure you are familiar with escort etiquette. I feel being well prepared as well versed in booking an appointment with a provider is key to a pleasurable and memorable date. I would also make sure you are time ready, this means that if you are visiting Tokyo and wish to meet me for dinner, drinks or just dessert that you have set time aside from your busy schedule to meet with me. Please remember part of Japanese cultureis the art of gift giving. I am a Japanese escort so gifts play an important role in establishing trust, admiration, respect and yes intimacy. Take a few minutes to view my dazzle me page for inspiration. In all honesty your gift can be a simple box of chocolates, a bottle of my favorite perfume or if you are feeling a bit generous a French villa:) It’s really the thought, the gesture of kindness, the message that says I took time out of my busy schedule to think of you. Lastly please book a date via my booking form. Try to provide as much information about yourself and any needs or special requests you may have. I want us to have great chemistry as it makes for a much more lovely date. So I suggest booking enough time to enjoy yourself. I am not fond of a rushed encounter as I am sure you are of the same school of thought. I am also a perfectionist and aim to please so I rarely accept last minute bookings. I would also kindly suggest selecting several back up dates and times when you make your booking just in case your first date is not available. It would be greatly appreciated if you could be very specific as to where you plan to stay and how long you plan to book. Please visit the gifts section of my site so you understand all booking and time options. Finally, please start counting the days until you encounter a most wonderful bliss and unforgettable experience.


How far ahead should I book an appointment?

Please be considerate and book as far ahead as possible. I would like to prepare for our date both physically and mentally. This means making myself the perfect date for you. My calendar tends to fill quickly so I kindly suggest that you plan ahead if you are coming to Tokyo or you would like me to visit you in your home country. I am always happy to accept advance bookings. I understand that business plans often change and there are last minute changes so please keep me informed.


How can I contact you to book an appointment?

I will accept reservations by e-mail or you can text me via the number listed on my HP. You should include your hotel or address, and room/condo number. I only visit luxury hotels and high-class apartments or condos/houses. I do not visit common love hotels or standard apartments. I am happy to call you if you have a local number if you wishto hear my sexy voice. I am ok to arrive without calling, if I can confirm all pertinent details by email.


Do you accept credit cards or foreign currency as payment?

My total fee is always due up front and non negotiable. I do not accept credit cards. My fee is separate from any dinner, club, bar charges. As mydate for the evening could you please kindly prepare for all entertainment costs. I only accept monetary gifts in yen, euro and dollars. I will provide you with a converted rate prior to our date so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding. Please let me know in advance if you are planning on paying in a currency other than yen - Thank you.


Do you give discounts to loyal and repeat suitors?

I am very happy to have repeat dates. If you become my regular patron, I usually adjust my fee a little for overnight stays or prepaid services depending on how often we meet. Please do not ask me for a discount if you are booking for the first time or purchasing for future dates. If you are looking for a cheap date or fast service please look elsewhere as I am not the companion for you.


Do you accept requests or provide extra services?

I am happy to customize your date and take any reasonable requests or role-plays. However I do not indulge in extreme activities as I mentioned before, I only practice safe play. I take all necessary precautions to stay healthy and clean. There are no exceptions to this rule. I also do not play without protection, so please do not ask.


If I pay extra will you forgo the wearing of protection?

As I mentioned before, I only practice safe play. I take all necessary precautions to stay healthy and clean. There are no exceptions to this rule.I also do not play without protection, so please do not ask.


Can you provide me with a list of your services?

I provide an unrushed girlfriend experience. This means if you were on a passionate date with the girl of your dreams and you knew that the evening would definitely involve physical intimacy, I don’t think you would drop this mood-killing question. "So what services do provide?” I really don’t like to kiss and tell. I will simply say that you will never forget your time with me. Please read previous testimonials and reviews so that you understand that you will experience an evening of cerebral and physical intense carnal pleasure. For the record I am fine to kiss if you have good oral hygiene and dental care. Not to mention a fresh mintypallet.


Are your photos real?

Absolutely! I am one of the few escorts to post my real untouched photos.You can see from my gallery and site that it’s all me. I think my telltale artwork, jewelry, testimonials, comments and reviews are enough validation convince you. The only thing I can say is that men as well as women say that I am much more beautiful in person. I have even been told that I am living art and a picture of perfection. My response is that I really do take good care of myself. I am pretty obsessive about eating healthy food, exercise, water intake and sleep. I guess it pays off in my case with the help of good genes. Please do not ask for selfies or phone snap shots. I won’t provide either. I have had cases where agencies have tried to pass my photos off as one of their girls. I have all my photos watermarked with my name as a security measure. There is only one Misa Sato and that would be me!


What makes you special compared to other high-class independent escorts and providers plying their trade in Tokyo?

My answer is simple. I am a committed to being the best at what I do. I thoroughly enjoy my life as a courtesan. I balance my career and escort life with equal dedication and vigor. I pour my heart and soul into what I do because this is who I am. I could tell you I am money hungry or that I am a sex addict but that wouldn’t be true (although I enjoy both). I am not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are simply happy with a car because it gets them from A to B and serves its purpose and for them it’s enough. On the other hand, some people may need a Maserati or Austin Martin because they need to feel the intensity that these vehicles provide them when going from A to B. I guess I am that luxury vehicle.


What can I expect from a date with you?

A warm hug and a deep kiss when we first meet. The feeling like we havebeen dating for a while but with a sense of newness and intense anticipation. Simply, a great sense of connection. Wonderful conversation sometimes laced with naughty metaphors and always playful flirting. A feeling of honest intimacy. Being fourteen all over again and being completely captivated by the woman in front of you. You might have a dry throat, sweaty palms and a pleasurable throbbing sensation somewhere below. Most of all you will feel a hunger inside you that will need to be satisfied. As for me I will be in something stunning, sexy mouth watering. I wear very little make up on dates but I will have a perfect peaches and cream complexion speckled with beauty marks and perfect glossed moist lips you may also catch a whiff of my signature perfume. Lastly if you have very good eye site you may catch a glimpse of my Lola Luna lace lingerie as we are sit in the taxi on the way to dinner. I hope I have painted a vivid enough picture of what to expect.


I am a high profile businessman /CEO /celebrity. Can I trust your discretion?

When you reach the reputation that I have reached it is because the men I have met have trusted me completely. They have shared things that I will take to my grave, opened their hearts and souls to me. I live by a simple code. My lips are sealed and what is said and done behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. What we share is between to consenting adults.I have to be discreet not only for the sake of the men that I meet but I also have a private life from my escort/courtesan life and people can be very judgmental and closed-minded. So yes always discreet and always loyal.


What should I do to prepare for our date?

I am really big on personal hygiene. If you are expecting to kiss then you must have healthy teeth and gums and no bad breath. Please brush your tongue as most bad breath is caused from a build up of bacteria at the back of the tongue. If you smoke it’s a good time to stop. I’m a non- smoker and do not enjoy kissing an ashtray. I strongly dislike tobacco andwill decline a date with you if you insist on smoking throughout our date. I would kindly ask that you please be showered and clean smelling for our date. Bad BO is not a turn on regardless of what you have read in GQ Magazine. If we are going out on the town please dress accordingly so that we look good together. I am fine if you wish to dress casual but please make the effort to look stylish and a little cool:)


Do you travel abroad and or accept international bookings?

Yes most definitely. I love to travel and make an excellent travel companion. Please contact me directly for details about how to arrange aninternational booking. You may also refer to my international bookings page or custom Tokyo tours and holiday page.


Do you book couples?

Providing intimate encounters for couples is one of my specialties. I thoroughly enjoy couple encounters and I can please a woman as equally as I do a man.Please refer to my gift page for couple bookings. I advise booking enoughtime to enjoy your date. I have found that having a little extra time to build chemistry, flirt and have plenty of naughtiness before enjoying a sensual treat together is key. Sharing a great dinner and/or a few drinks makes for a great icebreaker and chemistry builder before indulging into this delicious dessert.


May I book you and one of your friends together for a night of pleasure?

Most definitely! It's a frequent request and I often have ménage a trois with my friends. Please be specific as to which friend you wish to join us and what requests you require. Please refer to my rate page for rates and details if you wish to invite one of my friends to join us.


Do you ever go on tour? 

I try to go on tour 4-5 times a year. If you would like to see me in your home country while I’m on tour please let me know your location. I will do my best to see meet you.


I love Role playing and acting out my fantasies. Can you arrange a role play date for me?

Role- plays are another specialty of mine so I have dedicated a page to my site listing my favorite and hopefully your favorite role-plays. Please request in advance and if you have an original Role-play in mind, by all means, please do share. I love to get into character and be naughty. Eric Stanton has been a great inspiration!


Are you available for parties and groups?

I am always the life of the party so that's a big yes. Please let me know in advance what you require. I can perform BDSM, strip tease, or Harem services. If you require my friends to attend, please let me know in advance.


I hope this brief Q&A has provided you with some useful information. I very much look forward to meeting you and having a wonderful experience together. Please remember to book ahead, Thank you




“It's a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”


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An up close and personal interview...

I absolutely love what I do as an elite courtesan and luxury girlfriend. I believe I was born to this privileged world of Kings and Princes, Captains of industry and the movers and shakers of this world. I take pride in keeping myself in perfect health, beauty and physically fit. I am a perfectionist in my chosen trade. I would like our time together to be the most amazing organic slow girl friend experience for you as possible.


So please kindly read my Q&A below so

that you can also be totally prepared for what many have declared to be a mind blowing experience.

“Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”