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“For it is in giving that we receive.”

- Francis of Assisi.

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Pen Haligon's (“ELLENISIA”) - This is one of my first perfumes, warm, sensual and a bit of a nostalgic perfume for me - so many naughty memories!

Jo Malone("Red Roses" body&hand lotion) - A great variety of perfumes. Their specialty is that we can combine and layer scents to make our own unique fragrance.

My all time favorite - “Red Roses”. I love the body&hand lotion as well.

Hermes ("Eau d'orange verte") - Subtle and classy my favorite perfume especially when I travel. I respect this brand's elegance very much.



“Diamonds are a girls best friend with very exceptions!”

Harry Winston - Beautiful pendants, tennis bracelets and necklaces

Cartier - I love anything Cartier especially watches

Graff - Beautifully made diamond jewelry that looks very sexy on me

Bvlgari - I absolutely love the assortment of colors they use in their gemstones. Beautiful pieces of art for women to adorn.



“If god wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?”

Lola Luna - This is my signature lingerie. It’s like my batman costume

and gives me super powers when I wear it!

La Perla - It was my real first lingerie. It’s a little conservative but I love

their classy timeless designs.

Agent Provocateur - Excellent quality with seductive designs. Always ahead turner. I don’t mean while I’m walking down the street :)

Kiki de Montparnasse - Super sexy lingerie and their high-end fetish

toys are to die for!


Hand Bags

“Happiness is a new Hand Bag”

Hermes, Chanel, Celine, Fendi

“I have five fetishes in my life lingerie, shoes, hand bags, diamonds and men, not necessarily in that order.”



“I am a shoe lover and lover of shoes!”

Christian Louboutin - Super sexy pumps! Always a perfect fit and absolutely stunning designs. They make me feel like I’m ready to orgasm when I am wearing them.

Manolo Blahnik - “ Great shoes that will take you to lovely places.”

Jimmy Choo - If Cinderella were real she would have worn Jimmy Choo shoes to the ball.

Sergio Rossi - Some of the best quality of shoes a high paid Courtesan can wear!


Dresses and Clothing

“I love simple, form fitting ,elegant, and sleek dresses”

DIANE von FURSTENBERG - I love how her wrap dresses show off my curves and bumps :)

GIORGIO ARMANI - Gorgeous, stylish evening and day ware

BCBG MAXAZRIA - Sexy sleek evening wear

Max Mara - Great quality cashmere coats and apparel

Loro Piana - Sexy gorgeous cashmere outfits every woman should own