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Unlimited introductions to the world's most adventurous single fashion models at Who wouldn't want to date fashion models? You can not deny having ever drooled over a beautiful fashion model and let's be honest; you probably do so daily. You are only human and so of course as a mortal human you want to date fashion models and date hot women in general. Your standards are high and we love that! At our elite introduction agency (where fashion models like to join and travel date) aptly named Elite Travel Girls not only are our travel loving single fashion model members truly beautiful, inside and out, but also and perhaps most importantly they are intelligent, sweet, attentive and kind.

Our model and millionaire matchmaking service offers unlimited worldwide introductions for millionaire men who wish to date fashion models and just date beautiful women in general. No more having to sift through thousands of 2's, 3's and 4's on standard dating websites like and even Tinder. Those days are behind you as soon as you realise you should have been aiming much higher all along. Aim for 9's and 10's and you'll be in the company of and dating hot fashion models in no time as a member of our exclusive dating site.

So you want to date fashion models?

Our elite members share the common goal of meeting a like-minded partner for travel and romance. Matching successful single gentlemen who want to date fashion models to hot single women all around the world is what we do best. As the top dating website for millionaire single men who want to date fashion models, we excel in matching successful men and business travelers with fashion models, bikini models, beauty queens and beautiful single women around the globe.

If you're a successful business man who wants to date fashion models then you are probably a regular business traveler and thats something that you have in common with all the single fashion models out there. Maybe you have work offices or business partners based all over the globe and you often jet to a different cities each week or month. Are you a regular business traveler to Milan, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Monaco, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia or New York? If so, you are the perfect match for a beautiful travel-loving fashion model. With the right chemistry, who knows where a first date spent dining in a top new restaurant together in an exciting new city could lead. The romantic possibilities for men who want to date fashion models through Elite Travel Girls are truly endless.

Who wouldn't want to date fashion models?


The problem with dating fashion models

Fashion models want and need to feel loved and appreciated just like the girl next door, the sweet single student at your local diner and all the other beautiful single women in the world on all the dating apps. That said, fashion models do have busy work schedules and social lives. Fashion models travel internationally regularly just like you do and so for single men who want to date beautiful models the problem with dating hot models is not so much that they're out of your league, it's more a case of them being 'out of your town'.

Many wealthy single men think that fashion models are either completely unapproachable or too high maintenance to date. Single men that want to date fashion models also sometimes believe that the fashion models are out of their league and already inundated with offers from sexy guys that look like Brad Pitt (that also happen to be billionaires and single) inviting them to party on their yachts. Any fashion model reading this would be laughing out loud and thinking "If only that were true!" While it might be the reality for a few single supermodels out there and even Adriana Lima or Giselle Bundchen (before they were happily married of course) these fashion models are most definitely the exception.

DATING TIP: Read more about how to date gorgeous models

If you want to date beautiful single women or only to date models then trust us when we say that you absolutely can do this starting from today! Single fashion models that want to date successful men are simply normal 'everyday' women with just the same insecurities as the rest of the single women out there. Gorgeous single models are really not as unrelatable as you may think. Fashion models are also not otherworldly creatures to be admired from afar (except when they're strutting down a catwalk in Milan in a wonderfully wacky designer ensemble).

Date fashion models that love to travel date

Our beautiful single fashion models, travel girls and sexy sugar babies receive date invitations for city breaks in all the best cities around the world such as Rome, Milan, Paris, London, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Auckland and Sydney. Single fashion models want to date millionaires all around the globe. We are proud to have fashion models and millionaire members worldwide and so when you join our elite travel dating and introduction agency, if you want to date fashion models you really can. We arrange introductions for wealthy single men all around the globe. If you are based in, or travelling on business or for leisure, to Europe, the USA, Canada, South or Central America, Asia, South Africa or Australia or New Zealand we will find a single fashion model or beautiful actress for you to meet, travel with and date.

As an Elite Travel Girls member you are welcomed into an exclusive network of gorgeous single women including some of the world's sexiest fashion models and millionaire men like yourself who are seeking a travel companion, lover or life partner. Whether you are looking for casual dating opportunities, a mutually beneficial arrangement or a long term romance; our millionaire matchmakers will introduce you to compatible matches who seek the same. Our mission is to connect incredible people and make life more exciting, balanced and fulfilling for us all.

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