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Interview with Client Mr.X by Misa Sato

By tokyobutterfly, Sep 27 2017 06:09AM

Dear Kings and Princes,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life to its fullest! A weeks ago a very dear friend and loyal gentlemen caller agreed to allow me to interview him to share his unique perspective on why he has been a loyal Tokyo Butterfly patron for the past 5 years. He agreed to an interview on the condition of complete anonymity and respect for his privacy in which I gratefully agreed so during the interview I will refer to him as Richard X. Please enjoy this intimate and personal interview.

Misa – Richard how long have we known each other?

Richard – I first had the pleasure of your company in 2012 December 24th. I remember closing a very important contract with a client and wanting to celebrate with a beautiful Japanese woman. After scanning the web, I stumbled upon your fantastic site and was bowled over by your beauty and charms. So I made a date for an overnight dinner booking. You were actually my first Japanese escort experience so I consider myself quite fortunate.

Misa – I know you said you were impressed with my website but did I live up to your expectations when you met me in person? Please be honest:)

Richard – You were absolutely gorgeous and still are in ever so many ways. Not just your physical beauty but as a human being as well. I remember we hit it off right away and had great chemistry. I think we spent so much time in conversation that we lost track of time.

Misa – Such the gentleman and always a charmer! Well enough about me. Have you had any other experiences with escorts or courtesans in Japan?

Richard – As you know Misa, I am a bit of a collector perhaps the correct term is hobbyist. I love the company of beautiful intoxicating women. Although You and I have a wonderful arrangement and history of spending time together when I visit Tokyo or when you visit the East coast, you know in the past I have met most of the other butterflies on your roster and in many cases more than once with some of these delightful maidens. Outside of the Tokyo Butterfly consortium I have not really had the need or desire mainly due to pitfalls and disappointments that sometimes come with booking non-English speaking escorts.

Misa – I’m sorry I don’t follow what do you mean?

Richard – Well, in a country like Japan there are many obstacles to booking the right girl for a date. I have visited many sites that don’t cater to foreign clients and if they do they seem all too suspicious. My main concern was having the woman in the photo that I wish to book a date with actually would end being the same woman arriving at my door or not. I know that bait and switch is a big thing in Japan as well as other countries so it’s really a buyer beware market. When I first found your web site, I was really impressed with the fact that you did not hide your face and your photos were very consistent with being the genuine article. I was also impressed with the honesty and openness of your site. You obviously went to great lengths to build a very entertaining and informative web site that I found myself visiting many times. Your English is excellent as well.

Misa – Richard you’re are very kind and certainly know how to flatter a woman!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to book an escort or courtesan in Tokyo?

Richard – I think the biggest piece of advice would be to book ahead. I know personally that you and the girls get quite busy and I have missed opportunities in the past because I should have booked our date more in advance. I guess those are the cards we are dealt with sometimes. I also think its really important to thoroughly review your dates web site. Read her profile, bio and FAQ. Most importantly clarify rates and booking courses to avoid any misunderstandings.

Always ask for a clear photo that is published on her web site to be emailed to you so you know she’s the genuine article. Try to book a hotel that meets her standards and most importantly book enough time to enjoy yourself. There is nothing worse than a rushed GFE date so in order to avoid that I suggest a four-hour dinner date. You can build chemistry and have that true intimate girl friend experience. Lastly always be respectful and polite. Especially with Japanese providers. I find you get a much more quality experience in bed by not being insensitive to their needs as well. I find buying a small gift of appreciation is an excellent form of foreplay and personal lubricant –Oops sorry about that Misa!

Misa – That's ok, I know you have a naughty side:) Richard you have been really generous in sharing with me today. Is there anything you would like to add?

Richard – Yes, there is – Misa and her consortium of butterflies are absolutely top notch and worth your time and attention. I highly recommend any one of these beauties for your next visit in Tokyo. I am completely hooked!

Misa – Thank you very much Richard!

I hoped you enjoyed this brief interview with a cherished patron of our services. If you would like to share your experiences of course anonymously and discreetly or perhaps write a review. Please let me know so we can make arrangements.

We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo soon!